Let Them Dig Their Own Graves

I have found that the best course of action when someone is speaking badly of you or to you, is to “let them dig their own grave”.

A friend of mine was giving me a satirical, sarcastic speech about how he goes out at night and lets the people he kills dig their own graves. I won’t divulge his name here, that’s his business.                                                                                                                                                         

 When people speak badly of you, they’re the ones that look bad– provided you don’t say or do anything in retaliation. When you speak you could ruin your good name. I thank God I finally realized the value of keeping my mouth shut and I also can sit here and tell you that I may have or may soon in the future win people to Christ and generally save myself a lot of trouble. I heard a pastor preach a sermon last week on success. He said, “You need to sow a shut up seed so you can reap a shut up harvest.” Brilliant! If what you don’t want others talking about you, don’t talk about other. Together we can stop all this bullying! Only love will heal the hate.

In Love,


A  friend is always loyal (Prov 17:17)                                    


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Liberty Justice

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