“The Bitter Makes Us Better”

How can something bitter make you better? As I glanced at the ginger root my friend chewed on, I asked him “Why?” “It heals me of my acid reflux, and it helps with inflammation too, like arthritis and other pain.”

This profound thought came to me: “What if all this bitter stuff was a gift given to me by God in order that I may become more creative in my problem solving skills?”

In retrospect, I never could have imagined how much all these trials that happened simultaneously would give me as much as they did, not even half of the things that I’ve learned would have been on my list. I had to learn time management, I notice wealthy people are very quick. They generally don’t linger with business transactions, even at the grocery store. They make lists, they get in and get out. So, I didn’t just say I’d do it, I’m finally at the point where I make the list and rarely do I deviate from it, even if a cheaper option is presented or recalled to memory. I time myself almost everything I do, shopping and showering included. Actually, in the shower, I put an alarm on and when it goes off, I must get out of the shower, no excuses.

I have learned how to love people better and I’m learning how to communicate with them better, knowing what my own needs are, because we’re all just human.

I can appreciate my massive success and my happiness, or “sweetness” if you will, because I have had the bitter. The bitter serves to make me better. That pendulum Darren Hardy talks about sure does swing high and hit hard on the good side. I see it coming for me now!

I can feel it and I won’t back down or give up on the cusp of my success. I’ll never be satisfied to stay where I’m at in my career, I’ll always be hungry for more victories, and my intent is to empower you through my example! 

Wisdom from Success Magazine: “If you want to have more you must become more” Jim Rohn. Here’s a favorite of mine, I don’t know who said it: “He who conquers himself conquers the world!”
Liberty V. Justice


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Liberty Justice

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