Empowering Others Through Freedom of Self-Expression

I was a child when I did it. I used to get such excellent grades, I’m talking in a class where “A” or 100% is the highest, I’d get 120%. Why? I did extra credit and I had fun doing school work. It was important to me to learn and to grow and it made me feel good. Learning made me happy.

When there was play time with friends, they all ended up hating me because I was always the teacher! I honestly had such a great life until the time I decided to look outside myself for validation. I saw other children–particularly girls–having fun and I wanted to have fun too. I wanted to talk to the boys the way they did, I wanted to wear make up and I wanted to dress the way they did.

I didn’t realize the reason they did all these things is because they didn’t like themselves very much. They chose to believe the media; magazines, television shows and advertisements, and even our own mothers have lied to us for years.

Sure, moms, you can say “If he doesn’t like you for you, you don’t want him anyway. It’s his loss, just move on.” But if you’re putting on makeup and fixing your hair with curling irons and dressing to the nines every time you leave the house with an amount of perfume that would choke an ox, how are we supposed to believe you?

One thing I’ve learned from being homeless is what really matters. It’s none of the above ladies! Men love me because I am different. I don’t feel the need to impress them or anyone. I am here for Christ, to love others, plain and simple. As long as I remember to live in His love, I am doing very well indeed. I thank God I have been homeless, sick, and half crippled for so long. I thank Him too, that those things are coming to pass. They’ve persisted long enough for me to learn a lot of valuable life lessons that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

These lessons will be profitable too, because Romans 8:28 says “All things work together for those that love the Lord and area called according to His purpose.” I am definitely called, but I believe we all are, it’s just that some of choose to answer His call…besides, who wants to be a servant? I DO! PTL I FINALLY LEARNED!

If you act on one thing from this blog, make it this: live in love. You don’t have to believe in Christ or the Bible to use this principle. If you love yourself, you’ll have more love for others. If you simply think of others more than yourself and love them—meaning show them an action that shows love, like thanking them, telling them something good you see in them, or whatever it may be at the moment—-you will never be without love. Your fuel will be love and if your body, mind and soul is your vehicle, your gas tank will always be full!

I love you all! Thanks so much for reading and commenting!


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