The power of flax seeds

Most people don’t know what flax seeds are. Until 3 years ago when I became a Vegan, I didn’t know either. I started buying flax seed in the container by itself last year. I noticed when I eat flax it, takes my stress levels down to non-existent. I can focus better, and feel at peace. It helps me sleep better at night. I try not to go without eating flax seed. At least once in a day, I’ll eat about 3 tablespoons of it.

Flax seeds have a ton of vitamins, and they have so many different uses. You can put flax in any food you’d like. I like to eat them by themselves sometimes. I like the taste and crunchy texture of them. They’re a nice snack, especially if you’re studying or working, like writing! I sometimes put them in water, put a little agave syrup in them, or maybe a packet of stevia.

Flaxseeds have actually helped me heal. They’ve helped that death sentence they gave me in my stomach last year, my spiritual and mental health, sleep issues, and they’ve helped my pain and helped me walk better and move better. They’re making me stronger.

Here’s a link to Web Md that tells you the health benefits of flaxseed.



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