My Alternative Lifestyle

Veganism: opportunity for personal and professional growth


I am so glad for all my sickness. God blessed me with great opportunities because of my sickness, all culminating in making me a healthier, more successful, loving person.


I starting learning to communicate better. It’s hard to be one of so very few that make such good choices, in a society who instead makes excuses. It gets pretty frustrating hearing people degrade your choices in food, and trying to make excuses for the bad habits they have.


I feel like I live an alternative lifestyle, that instead of being loved for, or hailed for being smart, or healthy, or strong, or disciplined or whatever, I am being subjected to abuse, gossip and many other things.


I enjoyed eating so much that I didn’t even realize that food was making me sick. The other problems were: stress, emotional problems and most of all, self-betrayal. Now one of my mottos is “To thine own self be true”. I would rather be seen as “weird” or  “crazy”, and have a happy, peaceful, uninhibited life, than be miserable. It is better to be true to myself than to lie to the world. Nobody that has any level of self-awareness believes the facade anyway. We all do what we feel we need to do to survive.


This is what I had to do to survive. If it was up to me, I would have never given up meat. But at the time, I felt I had to. When I started going to the cancer center I learned that my platelets were always low. When I stopped using the microwave as much, numbers went up. When I started walking more, stopped drinking soda, and drank more water, my numbers went up, I started having better bowel movements, slept better, had less anxiety and lost more body fat. When I gave up meat, dairy, eggs, or other animal products, my numbers went up and now I am healthier than most people on this Earth, according to my doctors. My family doctor said my numbers are so incredible he may want to test them again! “Keep doing what you’re doing, it’s working!” I said “Praise the Lord!”


Read more next time! Love you all! DON’T FORGET TO BE YOU! Because you’re awesome!


Love, Liberty!


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Liberty Justice

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