Why I Remain a Vegan

If you read my article in the Erie Times, I lost 200 pounds. What I didn’t tell you is that I couldn’t sustain the entire weight loss until I found out I was a Celiac. (Some don’t know, a Celiac is allergic to gluten.)  I also was diagnosed with lactose intolerance and irritable bowel. But I became a vegan because I found out my blood disorder and cancer were caused by the antibiotics in our food and the medications I was taking. I also found out that if you don’t exercise enough, your bowels won’t work well.


Prior to becoming a vegan, I started walking 5 miles a day or more. The problems with my bowels got much better.  As a matter of fact, a lot of my problems dissipated or disappeared altogether. I started sleeping better at night, I had less bloating, and I started breathing better, because I eating almost no bread.


When I became a vegan, I ate more bread, subs, cookies, etc (and sometimes I would eat food containing eggs–don’t judge me, I was poor.) So, I started having really bad symptoms again, bowel problems, and I started having more problems with my muscles, and my bones. The problems with my bones and muscles started because of a spinal cord injury, and then got worse because of stress. My acid reflux and overeating caused more problems with my bones and muscles too.


They said I had asthma, and it kept becoming progressively worse, because my addiction to bread and bread like products got worse as a new vegan. It’s hard to find good food in this society today, especially when you’re on a budget.


One day I went to church for a “dinner” where they served only three things: hot dogs, salad, and sweets. I ate mostly sweets, and I was SO SICK that night, I LITERALLY thought I’d die. This is when I finally realized the magnitude of the impact food has on our minds and bodies. I decided I had to find a way to give up eggs and dairy for good.


Then I found out I had celiacs. The cancer got worse and I had to have surgery. I still wasn’t done being sick, but the healthier I ate, the more health issues to came to light for me.

Today, My platelets at the cancer center are the highest they’ve ever been in the past 5 years, and I have good levels on almost everything they test your blood for at the family dr’s too. I get my vitamins levels tested, because my doctor is concerned about deficiencies because of my veganism. He says I’m heads above on my vitamin levels than most people that come in there. He says to keep doing what I’m doing, because its working to get my health better.


He also says I should destress. If I hadn’t started on that in February 2014, when I first became homeless, I would not be as successful as I am now, in fact, I’d be dead.


I also stopped all medications in March of 2014. So, it’s been over a year, praise the Lord!!!

You’re all in my prayers and thanks so much for reading! I hope I helped someone with this!

Here’s the link for my Erie Times Article on how I lost 200 pounds



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