Why I Became a Vegan

I had cancer for a long time. I began to develop really bad acid reflux as well. I then was sick in my stomach all the time and a lot of my surgeries were in that area: gallbladder, kidney stones, all sorts of things. They told me I had “Irritable Bowel Syndrome”. I had “asthma”. I began using an inhaler daily, then a prn (as needed).

I lost 200 pounds, but had trouble sustaining that weight loss. I walked, I worked out every single day without fail, and refused to take the bus unless I was going to the city from Harborcreek. (Our rural area.)

I began to gain weight back, because I was often busy with school, volunteering and I was very stressed. At this point I had already been clean and sober for 3 years, thanks to Christ!

I met my sister, Lelah, for the first time and she said she’s a Vegan. I was curious, because her hair, skin and nails were so beautiful and she looked healthy, in shape and had a happy “glow” about her. Lelah sent me a book that I read immediately :”The Kind Diet” by Alicia Silverstone. “That girl fro Clueless?” YES!

I loved my meat, chicken, philly steaks, beef, yogurt, CHEESE; All kinds of stuff I didn’t think I could ever give up or replace. I was also worried about what SO MANY Americans tend to accuse (because they refuse to research, in favor of their own lifestyle, because they don’t mind being unhealthy and costing themselves tons of money, which causes more stress and eating, as long as they can complain about it! Seriously…) “I’m concerned about your protein” or (rarely) “You don’t get enough Calcium”.

Well, my plant based diet has been scientifically proven over and over to have more protein than MOST Americans meat filled, dairy, and garbage gluten and sugar diet.

What I found was that the government is filling our food (meat, dairy, eggs—stuff VEGANS DON’T EAT) with antibiotics, steroids, and hormones, among other things, you ONLY want to know if you want to get healthy.

So, based SOLELY on the fact that antibiotics gave me cancer, and other problems, I embarked on Veganism. and Guess what? My body looks NORMAL! (My upper body isn’t HUGE! PTL! Back is getting better) and my numbers at the Regional Cancer Center are HIGHER than they’ve ever been! (Your platelet count goes down with medications, such as antibiotics–against the body is the definition in case you didn’t know.)

More to come on this, so PLEASE KEEP READING! LOVE Y’ALL!! Thanks so much for reading! Hope this helps, but please feel free to ask questions! Or share information if you have some!


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